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Do the research before you make your move
By: Annoymous
January 17, 2022

While there is quite a bit being said and written about COVID making large homes more attractive with people wanting spaces to live, work and play all within the confines of the home, downsizers are still in evidence.

Perhaps ‘right-sizers’ is a better term to describe many of these homeowners because often the home they seek is not physically smaller by much, if at all, but has better attributes and in a more desired location.

When you reach a certain point in your life (read that as ‘age’ if you wish) it seems you run into a great deal more friends and acquaintances thinking about selling up and moving to a new home they feel better suits their need (and fulfils desires)

Sale prices currently being achieved are encouraging people to make their move now.

Reasons for selling up include the current home having a layout that is no longer working, maintenance might be an issue, or you might simply want to free up some cash.

The stairs might soon make life difficult, or the placement of ovens doesn’t work anymore. Cleaning out the gutters is no longer as easy as it used to be and there are things you’d rather be doing than spending hours on the ride-on mower. And you want to be ready to fly when travel is again on the radar!

Selling your existing home is a huge decision. It’s important to consult with the best available professionals – in real estate and in finance.

Be certain to research extensively, especially in relation to where you intend to move to.

True story, and one we’re hearing quite often in the current market: Well-known and respected local real estate agent knocks on the door and asks homeowners whether they are thinking about selling. Owners love their home and the location but have talked about the fact that it is way too large for just the two of them. Agent says he has a buyer who is very keen on their home and would they be prepared to hear an offer. Fast forward and the property changes hands for a sum the owners could not have conceived. They now have well over $2.5mil in their pocket but are struggling to find somewhere to rent while they try an identify where they might like to buy.

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