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When does the maintenance end?
By: Brianna Wereszczuk
July 21, 2022

When does the maintenance list end? I hear you ask. And we all know that it never actually does.

However, smart, user- and eco- friendly choices can go a long way in sustaining the life of your property.

With everything on the up, including rental prices and energy bills, tenants will be looking for other ways to save a dollar. While landlords and property managers unfortunately can’t adjust the cost of living, there are ways to make a property a little more economical, their efforts no doubt appreciated by future tenants.

Solar energy has been around for quite some time now, and in recent years, the reduced expense has seen many property owners realise the benefits of it.

But while solar helps with keeping the cost of electricity down, it doesn’t necessarily reduce the energy your property emits.

It is important to be comfortable inside the property, so if there are way to reduce the use of heating/cooling to achieve that comfort, it is worth a look at them.

Insulation – if your property doesn’t have the right insulation, it’s likely your tenants will be feeling the heat or the cool (or both) pretty quickly.

Skylights – Not only do they add light without the need for electricity, they also add ventilation. Make sure placement is correct to get the best out of them.

Appliances – older appliances chew more power and the older they get, the less reliable they are. If they are in need of an upgrade, consider their energy rating.

Lighting – if you haven’t already, make the switch to LED lights. They’re much more cost- effective.

Seals – cool air comes in, cool air goes out. Check the seals around doors and window frames as they may allow in unwelcome drafts.

Reducing energy costs is a given and something that is probably on the mind and wish list of every one of the 25.5 million people in Australia. And with electricity prices soaring, would-be tenants will no doubt be considering how meet the increasing cost of it within their budgets.

Directing money on replacements and improvements smartly can pay dividends. Consider eco-friendly, sustainable changes in your property. Not only will they be appreciated by your energy paying tenant, but they may boost your property’s longevity considerably.

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Written by
Brianna Wereszczuk
Brianna has been a valued member of the RE/MAX Advanced team since 2017 and in this time she has developed an incredible...
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