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Preparing your house for inspections
By: Annoymous
July 21, 2022

We all know first impressions count, so preparing your home for inspections is important and can even be fun! Time to show off your lovely home to its best advantage ... flaunt it!


This is your chance to make a good first impression. We suggest your gurney the roof, guttering and driveway. Hose down the outside of house and windows. Make sure the garden is at its best – replace any dead plants, trim the lawns and garden edges, grass up any patches, weed where necessary and get rid of any rubbish. The front entry is so important! Clean the front door, put shoes away, keep the front door mat clean, etc.


Nobody likes a dark room...create a welcoming space by opening the curtains, turning on floor and table lamps, etc. Ensure windows are sparkling clean and remove cobwebs. Clean, white walls make the room look bigger.


- Fresh flowers add colour and provide a fresh fragrance.

- A big bowl of fresh fruit or flowers in the kitchen

- A bright cushion on the lounge or a cute rug on 

 polished timber floors

- Set the outside table using lots of colour

- Feel free to use your imagination to entice the buyer.


Small things such as leaking taps, loose knobs, sticking doors or windows can put people off right away. Don’t let these little flaws detract from your home’s value – get them fixed as soon as possible.


Nobody likes a messy or dirty bathroom or kitchen. It is often simply a matter of making sure there are no dishes left in the sink & wiping down the cupboard doors, cleaning the oven and microwave, even giving the fridge a once over. This will help the overall presentation & eliminate any old cooking odours. Empty rubbish bins, clean the sink, and clear the benches & the top of the fridge of any unnecessary clutter. Fix any loose or broken tiles. Dripping water and discoloured sinks suggest faulty plumbing. In the bathroom, replace the mirror and shower curtain if necessary. Clean the shower cubicle, re-grout if you need to. Tidy up vanity drawers and put away all personal items such as cosmetics, hair brushes, etc.


Create more space by removing all unnecessary furniture as it can make the room look smaller. If it doesn’t allow the buyer to move freely, or even worse allow the buyer to visualise his own furniture in the room - then it must go!


Everyone wants storage space & lots of it! Declutter your cupboards and wardrobes getting rid ofany anything you no longer need to lose.


Fix some shelving to the walls if need be, make sure there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. This will create a better impression as well as making it look bigger.


Make a list to give to your agent as it is highly possible that the features you love about your home/unit will be the same a potential buyer could find attractive.


Discovery of even a relatively minor fault could lead to more thorough search of the property. Don’t get your potential buyer off-side; fix any obvious faults before the first inspection.


Even pet lovers like being able to inspect a house without listening to dogs’ bark or tripping over bowls, litter trays, etc. Put away toys and dishes.It’s a good idea to take your dog for a walk during an inspection or home open.


We encourage people to give us honest feedback about your home. Potential buyers feel more comfortable about discussing where their furniture could go or repainting a feature wall if the vendor isn’t listening – they don’t want to upset or offend you!


Once you have worked hard in the garden and washed down 

the house and fixed all the leaking taps you are almost ready 

to open your home.... here are some last minute tips...

- Dust all your furniture including the TV screen

- Wipe down walls and skirting boards, brush away cobwebs

- Empty ashtrays, etc.

- Clean the toilets

- Make the beds, put away all the washing

- Roll the garden hose

Don’t be present with inspections – This is very important! Make sure you leave your property a few minutes before inspection times and if you have a dog take it with you! Buyers do not feel comfortable inspecting a property while the owners are present and some are not pet lovers.

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