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Could autumn be the most productive season in the Aussie calendar?
By: Brianna Wereszczuk
April 11, 2024

We’re now well and truly into 2024… have you uttered the phrase “I can’t believe we’re almost in April!” yet? All the big summer celebrations have wrapped up, and most of us are well and truly back into routine; we’ve had our fun in the sun and temperatures are starting to shift downward.

Business wise, we’re heading into the final quarter of the financial year, so it’s a good time to consider if and when things need to be done to make the best decisions financially for your investment. Autumn is also, generally speaking, mild weather-wise. This means a good time to get those weather dependant jobs done around the property.

Regular maintenance is essential for longevity of a property, and to reduce the likelihood of ‘major’ issues down the track. In between tenants, weather systems, public holidays and ‘time’ in general, finding the time for a thorough check on the property can sometimes be limited.

Autumn’s change in weather can also signal a change in habits around the home. Air conditioning units might be switched off and doors opened to welcome a cool breeze, and washing loads may become a little bigger as blankets and jumpers are added to the pile.

If your property has air conditioning, it’s likely the units have had a workout over summer. Recommended servicing of units varies between brands, but regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure the unit continues to run efficiently when its being used most. Summer and winter are peak times for use, so in between seasons is a great time for maintenance.

The demand on the relevant tradespeople is also higher in the summer months and you may find many have availability opening up now. And if you have a trusted technician, book them in early to avoid missing out.

Cooler months will also bring more demand on utilities, such as water and gas. More washing and longer showers will put more pressure on your property’s hot water system. As with most things, hot water systems have their lifespan, generally anywhere from 8-12 years, on average, and while a broken hot water system may not be something you need to deal with this year, it’s good to have an idea of when it may be time to replace.

If your property has a courtyard, garden or yard area, summer may have brought with it quite a bit of additional greenery.

While regular maintenance may be the responsibility of the tenant, a vacated property can give you a good chance to really trim back and tidy any excess growth and simplify maintenance for future tenants.

Providing a tidy, easy to maintain and well thought out property will make it easy for tenants to continue your good work and keep the property looking its best.

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Written by
Brianna Wereszczuk
Brianna has been a valued member of the RE/MAX Advanced team since 2017 and in this time she has developed an incredible...
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